Who Is Todd Bernard !

The industry today is filled with possibilities. As a young barber I came up with a very vivid Imagination of what I thought things should be, even though things were not the way I wanted to be all the time, what I did was made plans to create the barber life that I want and today I can say that I am standing in the midst of something I created.  

Now I am ready to share what I have done in this program. I am a regular person that likes to Travel, Spend time with Family and go to the GYM.

I have always wanted to do those things and if didn't strategize to do these things, I would still be an extremely busy barber behind a chair.

I want to show you the Proven Strategies that I have been able to do for the past few years. 



Hey! Todd here, 

Imagine Being Able To Unlock the SECRET behind every high paying client. Learn what you NEED TO DO to gain the type of clients that will FREE you from long hours at the. shop or salon

What if you could just wake up one day an say ..."YES!!! I DID IT!.

Most people who are able to attain and afford this type of lifestyle, either have a business on autopilot or one who has a great product for sale.. well I'll show you how to AUTOMATE your business with a system, so you can start to unlock your freedom.

This is a Picture of me doing an IN PERSON group class, however due to the ongoing PANDEMIC, many of us have experienced travel restrictions. 


I want to show you How I raise ticket prices, How I reach the people that I know will pay me, how I use my techniques and what products I use.


This SYSTEM IS PROVEN over and over by my previous students  

Generally, the only way a barber can make more money is by adding a service or raising prices, but many to most barbers are falling further and further behind because of a decrease in business or not understanding their demographic and also not understanding time vs reward.

In today’s modern world male grooming is big business, becoming a barber can be a fulfilling and financially rewarding career choice and I aim to provide that professionally.

To Become A HAIRCUT PRO there are 3 Basic Requirements:

Requirement # 01 

The number one requirement is to stop even an idea in your mind that this is some "Get Rich Quick Scheme".

Your consistency is heavily required, you need to show up each and everyday, with the mindset to learn

Requirement # 02

You have to be coachable, follow the proven steps and strategy which I will be teaching.

Complete the tasks I provide. Get yourself together and be willing to execute which I teach.

Requirement # 03

Staying focused and not being distracted by other shiny objects or some easy money schemes. 

You have to stick with the game plan which I will show, most people run after shiny objects and end up buying course after course

You Will Learn My Proven Strategies To Leverage Barbering To Create Your FREEDOM.

So you have two different options here....

Option # 1

Go through all the ups and downs in the processes of barbering, and you have to learn:

How to setup your first Shop or Suite.
The location setup and the cost associated.
What to add into your services that your clients will not say "NO" to you.
How to provide customer satisfaction so you have recurring clients. 
​How to build up credibility so that people want to get services from you and not from your competitor.
​And a whole lot of other minor details that you will have to work on yourself to make this work.

If you are a learner and a person who can do all this by themselves, I believe in you. Learning all these Strategies, Methods, Setting up a one Shop and then opening up multiples Franchises...

And to be very Honest I myself had to go through all these steps with almost no help, this took me years, but eventually I figured out the system.

What if I had a chance to say something to my younger self.... the self which was out in the industry, knew nothing and was trying everything to figure out the basics of setting up my own brand, I would say "JUST FIND YOURSELF A MENTOR". You don't need to reinvent everything.

I've helped hundreds of people and taught complete beginners professional barbering from scratch, by teaching them in person, the use of tools, strategies and new and techniques. 

I was not a GURU, I myself approached it as a professional. 

A regular person just like you, with a passion for my profession.
If you choose to go with learning all these things that I mentioned, you will find yourself losing time, energy and money. You will have to go through a lot of trial and error to really figure out how to "crack the code". And remember, Time = Money.

I have invested hugely in myself in learning everything, from basics to expert level, through masterminds, coachings, live events.

So unless you spend hugely like I did in just figuring out the HOW'S I suggest you to go with the second and the best option, which hundreds of my clients choose to go with.

Option # 2

Follow a proven mentor that has helped people amplify their skills and the strategies involved in barbering and generating hundreds of dollars with online and offline barbering.

Also follow a proven game-plan that has been tested over and over again by me and by my clients to generate a passive cash flow. A program that will allow you to save a TONs of money, time, energy and resources that you would have to invest if you wanted to learn everything by yourself.

If this is something you want, then I invite you to Join "THE HAIRCUT PRO ACADEMY".

Fast Track Your Results By Working With Me And Building Your Business WITH Me. Use The Green Button Below To Apply For One Of The Spots Today.

Stop The Trial And Error And Get Inside "The Hair Cut Pro Academy", And Let Your Hand Be Held By Me To Fast Track Your Success !

As a member of the academy, you will have access to me personally through the support group and will be within The Hair Cut Pro Community, where we all share our ideas, strategies and help other fellow barbers.

You will be taught in depth, and held accountable each and every day.
In The Hair Cut Pro Academy you will be learning...

✔ How to build your own long-term and predictable barbering business by using my proven strategies and system.

✔ ​How to leverage my plans and strategies for your own benefits in barbering, that will lead you to building your own BARBERING BUSINESS....

✔ ​How to initiate cashflow into your setup that I used, for FREE. I usually charge $2,000+ to teach, because you can potentially earn 2X, 3X or even 5X that amount. By working with me you will be given the exact strategies and techniques that generates me results so you can use them for yourself to build a profitable Barbering Business. This will fast-track your success and help you start making money while you're learning.

✔And many many more bonuses for the members..... Have a speak peak below of the cool and valuable components of "The Hair Cut Pro Academy".

Here's What You Get With The Program:

Special Content and Huge Bonuses From Todd Includes:

Total Value: $6,798

Todays One Time Price: $999

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